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  • Am I Required to Give the Learner's License Permit Test?

    Yes. Before you apply for a driver's license in Florida, it is mandatory to complete a relevant course such as, Traffic Law and Substance Abuse Education (D.A.T.A/TLSAE). In addition, you need to pass the test to a get learner's permit.

  • Is Your Test And Course Authorized Or Approved From A Reliable Authority?

    Yes. The Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (DHSMV/DMV) have proved the authenticity of our online course as well as the test. This is why we can promise you that you will get your learner's permit by going through our systematic course and test procedure.

  • What Do You Mean By DATA Course?

    This course is also known as "the D.A.T.A. course", "first time driver course", "permit course", or "drug and alcohol course". Though all the mentioned course names describe this course, its official name is the "Traffic Law and Substance Abuse Education" (TLSAE) course, as developed by the DHSMV of Florida.

  • How Can I Give The Written Test Online?

    To provide you with comfort and convenience, we offer you the option of completing your test online first. This way, you can complete your TLSAE course without facing much difficulty. Even if you feel that you are not prepared to take this test, you can always have access to our preparation material that is specifically designed to enable you to pass your final test for getting the learner's permit. This way, you are able to pass the test in the first attempt.

  • What Is The Duration Of Your DATA/TLSAE Course?

    The Traffic Law and Substance Abuse Education course takes four hours to complete. Since this is an online course, you do not need to fix particular timings to log in to the course. You can start preparing for the test anytime, and from anywhere. This way, you can get access to our course 24 hours a day.

  • What Do You Mean By Permit Prep?

    With the help of permit prep, you can prepare for the driving test, and get your learner's license. It includes all the resources and preparation material you need for passing the test. You can also use the permit prep for the preparation of the online test, leading to attaining a driving permit. Furthermore, this permit prep will help you prepare for the written DMV test, and other such important tests required to get a driving license.

  • I Have Completed The Online Course, What to Do Next?

    Fortunately, you do not have to do anything else. We will prepare your completion document on the same day. Secondly, we will forward your course completion details to the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles. After this has been done, you are required to receive your completion certificate copy. Keep this with you because you do not have to take it with you to the DMV.

  • Which Documents Am I Supposed to Bring When I Want to Apply for the Learner's Permit at the DMV?

    If you are below 18 years of age, submit a parental consent form. It has to be signed when the driving license examiner is present. Also, bring an evidence of identity such as, social security card, and residential address proof.

  • What Else Do I Need To Do To Receive My Permit?

    If you have completed the online course as well as exam successfully, get an appointment, and bring the relevant documents to the DMV. This is everything you need to do!

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