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Take Both Drug and Alcohol &
Florida Permit Test Online

  • It Is Better and Stress-Free to take Florida Permit Test Online

    As long as you are below 17 years old, you are eligible to take the permit test online. A Florida online permit test is naturally the next step after you successfully completed the primary drug and alcohol test requirement. Due to the flexibility we offer you with our online Florida Permit Test, you can achieve your goal without the need to fret at the DMV. We also offer 50 FREE DMV practice test questions, so you can try your knowledge before attempting the real one.

  • Our Tests Are Designed By Professional Instructors

    Our practice test to qualify for a learner's permit is designed by professionals that have immense experience in providing driving training. Some of them are also online educators. By analyzing questions that are actually used in the written exam of Florida DHSMV, these professionals have been successfully creating detailed and extensive lists of DHSMV questions that are likely to be asked in your final permit exam. By preparing yourself with the same questions, you significantly increase the likelihood of qualifying for the permit

  • Our Free 50 Permit-Practice Test Is Your Primary Step towards Success

    Once you have enrolled in our online course, you are automatically eligible to avail our free permit-practice test. This test comprises of fifty questions, and enables you to prepare for the final permit exam in two different ways. First of all, you can concentrate on the questions you should consider for the test. Secondly, you can easily review the questions repeatedly.Since this free test is similar to the original permit test you will be giving in future, this gives you an idea of how realistically you can solve all the test questions. This way, you can improve your skills related to observing road signs and road rules.

  • Free Florida Drivers Handbook When You Sign Up

    By enrolling in our online driving permit course, you will get a free driver handbook, a downloadable guide that will help you throughout the driving instructions you need to know. Some examples of instructions in this driver handbook include detailed information about taking the driving test, forms and other necessary documents you need for taking the test, etc. This makes this free handbook an essential tool to aid you with the right instructions related to passing the final test of getting your driving permit.

  • Your Certificate of CompletionReaches DMV, Before You Reach There!

    When the entire Florida driver class is complete and you've passed the final exam, you'll get that amazing piece of paper that says you've taken the permit test and passed it successfully. You can use that to get your learners permit Florida and start driving!

  • After Getting the Learner's License, Few Things to Keep in Mind

    Once you get your learner's license, there are some specific guidelines you are required to follow. For instance, you are allowed to drive during the day only. This restriction is applicable for the first 3 months. Besides this, it is important to take an adult with you who has got his driving license. Likewise, you can get more information about driving rules by reading our free driver handbook.


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