Knowledge for Field Sobriety Tests


What You Need to Know About Field Sobriety Tests For most people, unless they have experienced one, knowledge of field sobriety tests extends only to how they are administered and most of this knowledge has come from the movies. While many of these scenes are funny they are problematic. First, of course, they minimize the […]

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Keep the Roads Safe – Ban Alcohol Ads


Drinking and driving continues to be a problem throughout the entire country. A lot of ideas come up, get rejected and then they are on the path of finding a new way to prevent the problem from happening. Many lives have been lost due to drunk drivers being on the road while intoxicated and not […]

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Safe and Responsible Driving for All Motorists


When it comes to driving responsibly, you are in complete control of the situation. It is your decisions behind the wheel that will ultimately determine the outcome of any drive. As you begin driving you will find that everyone has advice to share with you including your parents, your friends, and even the other drivers […]

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Why many florida DUI arrests?


The decision to get behind the wheel of a vehicle after the driver has been consuming alcohol is always the wrong thing to do. Last year there were over 61,000 DUI arrests in Florida alone which puts it on the list behind only California and Texas for the most DUI related arrests in the nation. […]

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Determine your Blood Alcohol Content


The impact that alcohol has on any specific person is closely attributed to their BAC. This is the determining factor in their Blood Alcohol Concentration. A simpler way to think about it is how much of what is flowing through their veins is alcohol instead of blood. Below we break down how the drinker is […]

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